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Save the Heim!


I believe Berks Heim is an asset of the County which needs to be protected and preserved for the benefit of all Berks Countians today, tomorrow and into the future.   I believe that the dedicated Staff, the outstanding medical care and the central location of Berks Heim are the major contributing factors that make the Heim an invaluable asset to the County! I believe there might be a long term financial solution for the Heim that has yet to be discovered.   Therefore, I am not in favor of selling Berks Heim.  Rather, I am more interested in helping to Save the Heim!



I believe the County Jail will certainly need a lot of attention heading into the new decade.  The County will need to continue to assess its options for the facility improvements which are necessary and long overdue.  The cost of these improvements must be thoughtfully considered and carefully executed while keeping the taxpayer in mind. In addition, the County must make sure that the Prison Staff has all the necessary tools in the tool box to do their job safely and efficiently for the benefit of all Berks Countians. I believe that the County Jail is the responsibility of the County and should not be privatized at this time. Like the Heim, I believe that the long term financial solution of County assets deserves a thorough review over time to determine the best solution for the County Taxpayers.